Gluten-free Cranberry Pie

November 25th, 2016|Recipes|

This was the best new recipe I tried yesterday on Thanksgiving. I found it on the web, but have altered it a bit. 1 cup gluten-free all-purpose flour 3/4 cup [...]

Mushroom Risotto with Peas

November 24th, 2016|Recipes|

I've been tinkering with this one and made it last night, and we loved it! Ingredients Serves two (double recipe for four) 3+ cups reduced-sodium chicken broth or vegetable broth [...]

Baked gluten-free and sourdough loaves

November 21st, 2016|Bread|

I made these two loaves yesterday.  One is a classic sourdough and the smaller one is a gluten-free loaf.  My husband enjoyed the sourdough, and the gluten-free was okay.  I [...]

Baked Chicken Parmesan

November 3rd, 2016|Recipes|

I found this online and altered it a bit.  Wish I could find the original to give credit!  Made this dish last night, and my husband, Roy, really liked it. [...]

Gluten-Free Mini Pumpkin Bread Loaves

October 23rd, 2016|Bread|

Adapted from Just made these for Roy's birthday. A fun thing to bake as the pumpkins are appearing everywhere! INGREDIENTS 1⁄2  cup butter 1 cup sugar (I use a bit [...]

Balsamic Roasted Carrots

October 21st, 2016|Recipes|

My sister, Chris, loves this recipe I made for her and my niece, Sarah, when they were visiting us.  My husband, Roy, really enjoys it as well.  I adapted it [...]

Pasta with Pesto and Marinated Cherry Tomatoes

October 20th, 2016|Recipes|

One of our all-time favorite recipes, I am making it tonight! Pesto 3 cups loosely packed basil 1/3 cup olive oil 1/4-1/2 cup chicken or vegetable stock (to lighten it [...]

Making Artisan Sourdough Bread

June 2nd, 2016|Bread|

If you are interested, I highly recommend The Fresh Loaf  web site to learn about making all kinds of bread from scratch.  I feel like a number of the folks [...]

Kris Radish’s Favorite Tuna Salad

May 26th, 2016|Recipes|

I made tuna salad for my good friend and fellow author, Kris Radish, a few years ago and she said she loved it, so I am sharing the recipe here. [...]

Baking Artisan Sourdough Bread: I Love it!

May 6th, 2016|Bread|

One of my passions is making artisan sourdough bread. I started baking homemade bread with yeast, but became intrigued with making my own sourdough starter and actually did it about [...]

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