Love Reconsidered Launched in Milwaukee and Green Bay

That’s me at Boswell Book Company on August 8, for the launch of Love Reconsidered. Yes, we brought wine!

Thanks to everyone who attended the book launch for my new novel, Love Reconsidered.  To kick it off, there were events in Milwaukee and Green Bay.  Thanks to my husband, Roy, and my friend, Gene, for taking a number of photos. I’d thought I’d share some of pics from Wisconsin.

Couldn’t have done it without my husband, Roy.  He did a great job manning the refreshment table!

We gave away our special Lake Sherwood wine, Sherwood Sunset, as Love Reconsidered is set on the Lake. I baked bread, as usual, and was so glad it was won by friends, Jeff and Jim, who drove up from Chicago.

That’s Jeff and Jim with me.  Both sent me a message the day after the event to tell me they loved the bread!   So glad.

It was fantastic to see long-time friends, like Susie.  Her husband, Gene, took the photo. My good friends,  Tim and Theresa can be seen in the background.

It wouldn’t have been the same without my high school buddies and dear friends:  Barb, Carole and Rena. Thanks to you all for making my night special!

It was fun to be surrounded by friends and books!

I chose a dramatic passage to read from my new novel.

The next day, Roy and I traveled to Green Bay for the next event, but we had to stop at Lambeau Field, the home of my beloved Green Bay Packers. Roy had never been there, so that was my excuse to visit the not-so-frozen tundra on a sunny and hot August day.

The view from high up at Lambeau Field.

At the very top it was so windy, as you can see my hair blowing around.  It didn’t rain that day, but the next day as we drove back to Milwaukee, those beautiful clouds offered up a lot of rain!

That’s me very close to the official replay review area.  The highlight for me of the stadium tour was walking through the tunnel as the players do to get to the field. I loved it!

Had to take a photo with Brett Favre in the Packers Hall of Fame.

This was a great display in the Packers’ Hall of Fame of their four Super Bowl trophies.  As fans, we hope for so many more!

We want Aaron Rodgers to have a ring like this for every finger before he retires. Go, Pack, Go…as they made us cheer during the tour.

Did you notice I was wearing my green dress and yellow shoes for the Green Bay book launch? And, of course, I had my stylish Green Bay Packers bag!  Really enjoyed meeting some new folks at the event, but forgot to get photos. Susan Finco, who is on the executive committee of the Green Bay Packers, showed up and I autographed books for her and a few of her friends.  Looking forward to getting back to Green Bay again.

Thanks to everyone who attended my Wisconsin events. Looking forward to seeing my southern California friends next week.


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