No Books in San Francisco, No Problem!


That’s me at the Cable Car Museum in San Francisco. Roy and I visited there the day of the book signing.

A wonderful group of women from Social Chorus came to my San Francisco event at Books, Inc. in the Marina area.  My friend and colleague, Sonia Fiorenza, second from right, rallied her colleagues to attend, and I can’t thank her and them enough for making the evening truly special.

One thing that had never happened to me before at a book event was that there were no books!  There was a mixup and the books never arrived.  Usually, book stores have both of my books available, with a greater quantity of the newest, in this case, Love Reconsidered.  Unfortunately, there were no books. I had brought my beat up, ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Love Reconsidered that I have used at all my events and one copy of Hostile Takeover: A Love Story, which I did sign for an attendee.

I signed stickers, instead of books, which will be put inside Love Reconsidered and sent to those who purchased the copies.  We improvised and survived.  Of course, it was disappointing that the books didn’t arrive (I found out hours in advance, walking near the Embarcadero), but when I thought about the adversity those north of us were facing us with the fires, I put my minor inconvenience in perspective.

I got to meet some great women and had a wonderful discussion.  Thanks to Sonia and my husband, Roy, for taking the photos.

Here I am with Sonia and my two books.  Sonia has pink hair because she just got back from the Avon walk against breast cancer in New York.  She always puts her passion to work for wonderful causes. I worked with Sonia at Amgen, and she is just a fantastic friend and colleague.  She works at Social Chorus in San Francisco; a fantastic firm. I have been very fortunate to work with so many phenomenal people during my corporate career, and Sonia is right at the top of the list!

It was fun to speak about my book, as always.  Can you see the Halloween decorations around the store? You can see what looks like a big eyeball with a witch’s hat right behind me. Fun atmosphere!

I’ve got my two books in front of me (the ones I brought with me).  You’ll notice the red circle on Love Reconsidered; this says “Advanced Reader Copy,” which means it was not a final copy of the book as it still has typos and was produced well in advance of the press run for advance reviews and the media.

I was so happy to see my friend, Andy Cunningham, who is legendary in PR circles. Her new book has just come out and is called:  Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition. Check it out!

I signed the sticker for Andy.  Can’t wait for her to sign her book for me. I received it at home this week!

You can really see all of the Halloween books behind me in this shot.  A fun backdrop to share a dramatic reading from Love Reconsidered. Sonia’s pink hair is visible from behind!

Just a few hours before the book event, Roy and I had a chance to visit the Cable Car Museum, which actually features the mechanisms that run the cars, which you can see here.  It’s really worth a visit if you are in San Francisco.  We actually took a cable car to the museum, which made it really fun!

Thanks to everyone who attended the event in San Francisco. When we wrapped up, Sonia and her husband, John, took us to a wonderful restaurant, A16, about a block away from Books, Inc.  A memorable night in one of the most fabulous cities in the world.



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