I brought my new novel, Love Reconsidered, to some fabulous places.  Here, I am with the John Lennon statue outside of the original site of the Cavern Club, where the Beatles got there start in Liverpool.  Our flat is just a few blocks away.

Can you believe this is the view out of our window in Central Liverpool?  The next two photos as well.

I love when they change the colors at night. Beautiful.

The iconic Liver building is to the right out of our window.

On this last trip, I had a chance to visit a variety of places in the U.K., both in England and Wales. I thought I would share some of the fabulous scenes.  Of course, we got to see family and wonderful friends, which made the visit so special.

My husband, Roy, takes many of the photos, so I thought I would make sure he was featured in at least one photo!  Roy is from Liverpool, so that’s why we go back to the city so frequently.

It’s always fun when we are in town for family birthday celebrations. It was Nicola’s birthday (far left), so we took a photo in her and Paul’s backyard. We got to meet new great nephew, Thomas, and see the whole gang. The women turned out, but the men were shy.  Thanks to Sam, waving up front, and Archie, held by Pat, for carrying the flag for men in the photo!

Roy, Carla, Lola and Ian on top of the mountain in Wales, Moel Famau.

We enjoyed the hike so much. It was a cool and damp day, but we made in up and down the mountain before the rain started.

Love this photo of Lola and Carla.  There was a new thing we discovered on this hike–people stick coins into downed trees.  You probably can’t see it, but this old log is filled with coins!

Stumbled across this vibrant mushroom on the hike. We had never seen this in the wild before. It’s the mushroom portrayed in the Alice in Wonderland series.

Once the mushroom opens up, it changes color to orange and the white dots change position. Love these photos I took with my iPhone.

Back on land (well, close!), nephew Sam enjoyed the fun fair across the street from our flat. I am not being biased when I say he was the best of all the kids of staying on his feet and running in the bubble!

Sam had the bumper cars to himself!

Dan set up a tour of the Liverpool Football Club grounds, which was fun.  That’s Monica and me behind Dan with the LFC logo.

Had fun sitting in the interview seat in the LFC media room.

Had dinner with Dan, Monica and Sarah at a new Italian restaurant near our flat in Liverpool. That’s Roy, me and Sarah.

Ian, Karen, Roy and I got to see nephew Joey and his wife Hannah’s redone house in Manchester, and then had dinner afterwards with them at a great restaurant. Wonderful evening.

Got to see good friends Jim and Les.  They took us to a beer and gin bar.  I had water as I am a wine person.  Great times!

Leslie and Jim’s son, Thomas, in the window of our flat, with the Liver building in the background.  He has his face painted for Liverpool Football Club!

I didn’t get a lot of time for cooking and baking, but made a number of things, including these flatbreads for Dan’s birthday.  They have Stilton cheese and olives.  I also made sourdough bread and scones during the visit to share with family and friends.  Thanks to niece, Ellis, for feeding my sourdough starter!

Had a great time in London at the book event.  You can see my sisters-in-law Karen, Pat and Karen and niece Leanne, with the phone.

On the tube in London just before the event.

The lights of London from the Waterloo Bridge after the event.

Steph, Sen and me at Sen’s family restaurant, Salieri’s, in London near The Savoy. Thanks to Sen for hosting a gang of us for dinner at the restaurant after the book event. Steph and her husband, Mark, were very kind to host Roy and me at the house in West Sussex while we down south for the book event.

Yes, Britannia is cool!

At the Beatles Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool.

The phone box is a symbol of the UK; this one is great as it has “LOVE” written on it, and my new novel is Love Reconsidered.

It was a windy day in Liverpool when I took a photo with my book and the Beatles statue at the waterfront, just two blocks from our flat.

What a fabulous visit.  Thanks to family, friends and everyone who attended by book event for making it so special.