Roy and I decided to make turkey burgers on the grill and I didn’t have any burger buns, so I made them from scratch.  It was really fun.

The recipe, link above, is from King Arthur Flour, and it worked perfectly.

There were two cycles of letting the dough rise or “proof.”  This is the second time, after I formed the balls of dough and flattened them. For the seeded buns, I coated with white egg wash (egg white and a little water), so the seeds stayed on, and for the plain buns, I brushed with melted butter. This creates more of a shine on the final bun.

I used sesame seeds, dried onion and poppy seeds and baked a few of the buns plain without any toppings.

My husband said that the buns looked totally professional and they tasted pretty good, too. I was really pleased with this recipe and will definitely make them again.